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Throughout our time we have come across a lot of very bad jobs when it comes to slate roofing. This is simply down to the contractor not having the experience and knowledge to complete the job. Due to the amount of bad jobs it has giving slate roofing a very poor name, so we have devised a guide to help you see that a properly installed slate roof will not just look stunning but last a lifetime.


A well-constructed roof will massively add value to your home, but will keep you safe and sound from all the most extreme weather conditions. This can only be achieved by using correct methods and having not just the knowledge but experience this is because of something called flashings. Flashings serve a very important purpose in helping you stay dry from the rain. This part is very important to get right but when you research how to fit flashing it will comes across as a simple task. Do not let this fool you it still take great care and an eye for detail this is the part that you can simply not afford to rush or get wrong and fix later.


The inner layer under the slate roof is known as the roof deck and is very important part of the project. When discussing materials you must avoid at all costs plywood and lamented wood for all they are by far the cheapest option and will be suitable for use but will last nowhere near as long as you need it to. Let’s not forget a slate roof has a life expectancy of over 100 years.  When companies but a lot of emphasis on the underlay it shows lack of confidence in their own ability and knowledge of slate roof, a slate roof can with stand all elements but if constructed poorly then it will require a lot of underlay.

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